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Rainbow 6 Siege Private Cheat

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Project Vector for Rainbow 6 Siege
We have just released our Rainbow 6 Siege Private Cheat and would love for you to try it out!
If your account is trusted there will be no need for application (e.g you have applied and succeed before
with a trusted account you will need to ask an admin for a new "buy" email to be able to purchase)

With a monthly only subscription base.
First Monthly Subscription [£100.00]
Recurring Monthly Subscription [£70.00]


-> Enable
-> Aim At Team
-> Smoothing X
-> Smoothing Y
-> Recoil (0 - 100 intensity) (0 = Norecoil)
-> Spread (0 - 100 intensity) (0 = Nospread)
-> Silent Aim (Gun Rotated Silent Aim)
-> pSilent Aim (Gun Rotated Perfect Silent Aim)
-> FOV (0px - 500px)
-> Murder Mode (Bullet Override, Shoot 20 bullets in the space of one)

-> Player Bounding Box ESP
-> Player Corner Box ESP
-> Player Snap-lines ESP (Bottom, Center, Top)
-> Ammo ESP
-> Heath ESP
-> Name ESP
-> Distance ESP
-> Head X ESP
-> Draw Cross hair (Draw Project Vectors Custom Crosshair)
-> Draw Team
-> Draw Bots
-> Draw Enemy (Default on)

-> Enemy Esp Color
-> Team Esp Color
-> ESP Text Color
-> Cross hair Color

Need access? apply here


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